An important step, in addition to building our own brand and production, was the development of the company, so in 2012 we finally found ourselves in our own – historical farmhouse near Prague – and started the Christmas season in the Christmas Court Dobrovíz with the first story and festive lighting to expand the ideas of sensitive mediation of the Christmas message to include a brick-and-mortar shop and Advent life.

Since 2013, we have established a tradition that we have transferred to villages and towns, and finally to shopping centers. In Frankfurt am Main, we were convinced that even a small Czech society can offer poetic decoration without requiring any special cultural understanding. The originality of the stories, conceptual approach and demands on ourselves in the form of reliable services confirmed the good way we try to transform Christmas time in the world around us with taste and feeling.


Today we decorate about 50 shopping centers in the Czech Republic, dozens more abroad, hundreds of towns and villages. After our premiere, the tree on the Old Town Square found itself among the 21 most beautiful trees in the world according to Forbes magazine, we also decorate trams, buses, a cable car, a garbage truck and a snoweater, boats, water surfaces of ponds and rivers.

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