Ticket in a fairytale world of Christmas.

Dont miss the fairytale of shining Christmas lights and decorations. To enter the magical world of Christmas, you need to purchase a ticket which open the gates for you. After you make the first step, you'll be a part of a Christmas story, where everyone who entered is shining.


Yes, the ticket for the unique Christmas atmosphere is ready for you. Only a couple of clicks and you can start a unique journey full of adventures. Experiences full of shining lights and Christmas decorations. A ticket in a world where you will experience the real Christmas fairytale and forget the real world for a while.

You can show the printed tickets or a print screen on your mobile device at the entrance.

Map of the area

The exhibition is open from 4 November 2022.

Adult: 250 Kč
Children (from 3 to 15 years), Students with  ISIC-ID, Seniors over 62 years: 200 Kč  
Family Ticket: 800 Kč 

Parking in the area is not possible, please use the nearest parking spot in the street. Podolska or use the tram connection Nr. 2,3,17,21 station Dvorce or night line Nr. 92 station Dvorce.

1. Entry
2. Check Box
3. Sell Place
4. Toilete
5. Sky Full of Stars
6. Playfield

7. Magic Tunnel
8. 3D Object
9. Attractive View
10. Photopoint
11. Light Zoo
12. Runway

When and how will the tickets open the gates of the magical world for you?

If you buy tickets:

The ticket can be purchased for a specific day. Entry to the area is possible only on this day.

Payment on invoice is possible 2 working days in advance due to bank transfers period.
For tickets over 10 people we provide a 15% discount. Group discounts can only be used when paying by invoice, also 2 working days in advance.

In both cases, please contact us at info@enigoo.cz or phone number +420 461 049 232.


Having trouble booking?
Call us.

Did you not receive an email with a purchased ticket?
Or did you enter an incorrect email address?

Call us at 461 049 232 or write to us at info@enigoo.cz

Frequently Asked Questions

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